Welcome to United Corporation, a company, which for the shortest time has become a leader of marine business in the Bangladesh! We are believing to become your best partner in promotion of well fare and prosperity of your business and your company in the whole after acquaintance with us.

A couple of words about history of our company. Experience age of our company does not amount even a dose years. But we can say by sure that the Company for the shortest time has won a reputation of tending to be a top class in their activity and being able to meet the requirements of the most strict standards in the world. In it has been certified against ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Our company is one of the three native enterprises, which under the order of State Department of Marine and of Bangladesh having the rights to perform registration and arrange registration of Bangladesh flag ships at the State Marine Rescue Coordination Center

Geographical location in the town Chittagong which is for long years has practices marine activity and being one of the largest port in Bangladesh has resulted in specialization and direction of the Company works in marine business and servicing of the arriving ships.

Starting from providing supplies to the vessels, our company gradually has been grown into a mighty enterprise which actually can solve any matter concerning supplies, fulfilling of the ship repairs and performing many-sided services.